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Gingival Grafts

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Prosthetics & Implants

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The Clinic

We opened our new an modern clinic at the end of 2008, after more then six years of operating in another location. KRONDENT is located in the historical centre of Brasov and it is offering to its patients four modern conservative treatements rooms, one surgical treatemet room, an X-ray departement and a very generous reception area.

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Patients' Safety is for us very important. That's why we have equipped our clinic with the newest devices for conducting and controlling all materials and sterilization of the instruments. For your safety we are using dental units Quentin Airel – P8 TWINN and Pacific, produced in 2008 equipped with disinfection and cross-infection control systems: Calbeplus, IGN, Coccibrom.

The Calbeplus system uses calbenium, the most safe and friendly antiseptic used against all germs that disinfects all water circuits, IGN disinfects all aspiration systems and Coccibrom is the strongest disinfection control against all germs, including algues that can remain in water circuits.

The sterilisation systems used is from Gettinge (Sweden) and all the medical instruments are placed in sterilisation pouches.

The X-ray system we are using is Soredex the latest generation, produced in 2009 with a minimum of radiation.

All materials and medication used for our dental treatments are aproved by EU and the standard protocols for all treatements are agreed by EU normatives.

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Diagnostics and treatment

At "denttourist" we have a team of specialist dentists, doctors and surgeons working in each of the fields of dentistry. This allows us to cover any dentistry-related need:

All potentially painful treatments are done under local anesthesia. This will allow you to relax and will relief you of any fears related to pain.

The following procedures are free of any cost and are a natural bonus offered to our patients:

  • local anesthesia testing
  • cementing the fixed prosthesis
  • registrating intermaxilar relationships
  • temporary fillings
  • removing sutures
  • alveolar curettage
  • surgical bone regularization

Warranty certificate

Warranty will be completed for treatments such:

  • fillings, dental restoration – 2 years
  • complete prosthesis – 1 year
  • removable prosthesis – 3 years
  • fixes prosthesis – 5 years
  • implant superstructure, crown and bridges supported by implants – 5 years
  • implants – 10 years
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